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  1. Hallo my frends,i Have a proble to connect my Style with my Wyfi. My modem work in 2,4ghz. I HAVE the imos app into my Phone. The password of my modem is of 12 number. I don’t know the realy reason of this problem.Please you can help me?I’m italin guy,and i need Any solutions for my problem. Please write me in english,is more easy ..thanks a lot

    1. Hello! May I know if you are using the STYLE with LightStudio controller box? If you can give me the serial number of your STYLE unit, I can check which version you have in hand. For LightStudio version, you need to connect the light through LightStudio controller. It is not possible to connect the WiFi. Once you can let me know more about your light, we can offer more support!



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