This light is actually an old granny.(Blaze M-120)

We received this light from our store customer today who asked if we can refurbish this Blaze M-120 for them. Since the old Blaze series was discontinued since 3 years ago and we do not stock more spare parts for them, we told them maybe we can upgrade it with the new 12in1 clusters for Blaze X series with wireless control. Luckily, customer is willing to pay for this upgrade (sorry, this service is recently only available in Taiwan).

Although we always know the built quality of our light is really good, but it is still so surprising when we opened the light and saw the condition inside this fixture.

8 years, yes, it is an 8 years old light fixture which was sold to the store in 2012 Feb according to our sales record. The outside might look a little bit rusty, but from inside, you won’t believe this light is actually an old granny.

Now you know why Illumagic lights are so popular to the coral collectors, farmers and wholesalers in the worldwide market. Just like what many end customers often said, the only disadvantage of our lights is, they just don’t break, and this stop them from buying new lights………

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